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Case Study 1


A national organisation involved in the academic profession with approximately 250 staff. Nearly 60% of which are call centre based with another 30% working in the field. 70% of the employees are women and the average age is 32.


The organisation was suffering from around 35% turnover of staff. The financial cost to the business was estimated to be around £180k with recruitment fees. The hidden costs were put at an additional £100k comprised of training time, labour involved in recruitment, loss of business through inadequate support etc. In addition the high turnover was leading to low morale, unsatisfactory customer service, poor quality and damage to public relations which was having a negative effect on recruiting replacements. The company's budget was tight and they needed improvement at a minimum incremental financial cost.



"Strong technical ability combined with the personal skills that a successful HR professional requires."

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"Research shows that Britain's managers realise the importance of employee development as a route to improved productivity, but fail to convert this understanding into action."



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